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We inspires creativity on daily life

About Company

Mossery is an e-commerce startup based in Kuala Lumpur that makes customisable stationery products. 2022 will be our seventh year in operations and we have shipped our products to thousands of customers from 90 countries. It started with making stationery that we wanted to use ourselves—stationery that sparked joy in people’s lives. But as we realised the immense potential behind the tools we were making, we set our minds to create designs that would help people to think, express, and plan better. It’s more than just pen and paper—it’s a record of our minds.

Our Mission
At Mossery, we believe human beings are creative by nature, and we aim to provide quality stationery and art tools for people to be their best creative selves. Some said we have pretty big goals; some said we are crazy; some said we are zealous, and for that, we are always looking for talented people who want to create meaningful and impactful work for the creative community.

We believe the world deserves excellence. From checking the tiniest possible details to caring deeply about how our products would look, feel, and even smell and sound like to customers, we’re always making conscious decisions on why and how we make our products. We have sold in 90 countries in the world, and we’re just getting started! Join us as we continue to expand our business to the rest of the world.

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